136 Psalm. JMP.109 --- Trumpet Tune. JMP.109

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X number   109
Title   136 Psalm. JMP.109, Trumpet Tune. JMP.109
Area   Perth
Bibliography   Village Music project, Miller, John
Composer   "or Trumpet Tune."
Country   Scotland
History   1799
Length   1/8
Mirrorred-From   http://www.village-music-project.org.uk/abc/miller.abc
Notes   '+' indicates a pause over this note, The three five-note slurs have the number 5, written in the slur., Words: To God the mighty Lord, Your joyful thanks repeat., To him due praise aford (2), As good as he is great (2), For God does prove our constant Lord, Boundles love shal never end(2
Source   John Miller MS. Perth, 1799.(for the fife)
Tempo   180
Transcriber   vmp.C, Graebe
Body   E2 | C2E2A2E2 | (A>GA>B c2) A2 | d2c2B2A2 | "+"B6 |e2 |!
c2 d2 A2 E2 | (A>GA>B "+"c2) e |c2d2A2E2 |\
(B>AB>c "+"d2) c2 |f2e2d2c2 ||!
e2 | (cA) (ce)G2F2 | E4 z2E2 | A2A2A3B | c2c2c3B |\
c3B (ce) (cA) |!
B2B2"+"B3e | c3d A2E2 | (B>AB) c "+"d2 zB |\
c2eA2 (fed) | c2 (BA) A3 |]

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Miller, John

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