Gee O'Dobbin. JC.250 --- How Do You Do?, aka. JC.250

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X number   245
Title   Gee O'Dobbin. JC.250, How Do You Do?, aka. JC.250
Area   Northamptonshire
Bibliography   Village Music project, Clare, John
Country   England
Length   1/8
Notes   No KS in MS.More or less the same as the morris dance, tune, "How Do You Do," from Sherborne. CGP., Song text exists,(or not). See Deacon.
Rhythm   Air
Source   John Clare,Poet,Helpstone (1793-1864)
Tempo   3/8=60
Transcriber   vmp.P. Headford
Body   " qu's"A/G/|\
FDF AFA|BAB ABc|dcd Bge|cAcd2:|!
|:" qu's"c/d/|efe dcB|ecAA2F/G/|ABA AGF|GEG" crot"G3|!
F2A FDF|G2B GEG|FGA Bcd|cBcd2:|

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Clare, John

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