Redowa Polka, aka. JC.263

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X number   258
Title   Redowa Polka, aka. JC.263
Area   Northamptonshire
Bibliography   Village Music project, Clare, John
Country   England
Length   1/8
Notes   This is the well known Redowa Polka, although untitled in the MS., It raises one or two points. Firstly, polkas were not introduced, into this country until 1848, according to V.Sylvester and, J.Richardson, yet a couple of tunes ago we were apparently in, 1834. Secondly,whoever pricked it down was not at all familiar, with the polka rhythm, especially the time sig., Either "T.Williams,1834" refers to something other than the, collection date,or John Clare put the MS down for a few years and, came back to it in a fit of sanity, or enthusiasm for the new dance, rhythm, or somebody else entirely was responsible for entering this, tune (not by any means rare in fiddlers tune books) Reference t
Rhythm   Polka
Source   John Clare,Poet,Helpstone (1793-1864)
Tempo   1/4=120
Transcriber   vmp.P. Headford
Body   " As Writ, see notes"\
G/B/d2dd2|dedc BB|GAB GAB|B2A2A2|!
A/B/c2cc2|cdcB AA|FGA FGA|B2G2G2:|!
|:G/B/d2d2c/B/|B2A AGA|A/c/ e2e2d/c/|cB BAB2|!
G/B/d2d2c/e/" B"|A/c/ e2e2d/f/|g3e d/c/B/A/|B2G2G2:|!

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Clare, John

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