Allice Gray. CJF.188

dr Allwäger-Juiz A-Dur. ABCC -- Adolf Zimmermann (30.3.1919-18.7.2002) -- Dirigenten-Notiz, Edi GasserTune list
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Stanserhorn-Juiz Bb ABCB -- Adolf Zimmermann (30.3.1919-18.7.2002) -- Dirigenten-Notiz, Edi Gasser
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X number   188
Title   Allice Gray. CJF.188
Area   East Yorkshire
Bibliography   Village Music project, Fox, Charles
Country   England
Length   1/16
Notes   In the bar mrked 'ritard', the triplet is beamed, with the F2 quaver. - PJH., B: Kidson Coll.Mitchell Lib.M1805
Rhythm   misc
Source   C.J.Fox MS, 1829/33, Beverley,E.Yorks.
Tempo   1/4=80
Transcriber   vmp.P J Headford 2000 & 2008
Body   "(Moderato)"Bc|d3Bg3e|d2B2 B2B2|A2ag fedc|\
c4B2 dB|G3A B3c|d2g4g2|f2e2 d2^c2|d4z2||!
d2|d3e d3c|B3ce3f|g3B {B2}A3G|"ritard"G4F2(3(dcA)|\
G3A B3c|dd3z2cB|A2ag fedc|c4B2dd|!
efge fgaf|ghb3 g2g2|a3ga3b|g4z2"Sym:"dd|\
efge fgaf|g3ab3d'|b2b2 {b}a2b2|gdBdG4|]

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Fox, Charles

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