Abbot's Hornpipe TS.271

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X number   271
Title   Abbot's Hornpipe TS.271
Bibliography   Village Music project, Sands, Thomas
Country   Lincolnshire
Length   1/8
Notes   F in bars 2 and 6 very feint in MS
Rhythm   .hornpipe
Source   Thomas Sands' MS,1810,Lincolnshire
Tempo   1/2=90
Transcriber   vmp.Ruairidh Greig, 2011
Body   D2FD CEA,C|DA,FD AFdA|fdaf d'afd|abge dcBA|!
D2FD CEA,C|DA,FD AFdA|ea^ge ee'c'a|eagba2a2:|!
|:eaa2 ebb2|ec'c'2 ed'c'a|babf gfgf|efge dcBA|!
Dddc DBBA|DGGE DCB,A,|Dafd Ebge|Adce d2d2:|]

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Sands, Thomas

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