Aldridge's Allemande.

2d. Quick Step of 15th. Regt.Tune list
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2nd A TS.106
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X number   0188
Title   Aldridge's Allemande.
Length   1/16
Notes   Aldridge was an English dancer who inspired several tunes; other, untitled tunes of the 1780s are labelled "danced by Aldridge"
Tempo   1/4=104
Transcriber   Jack Campin * * 2009
Body   f2|egec d2f2|egec d2A2|B2A2 B2Tc2|dcde d2
f2|egec d2f2|egec d2A2|B2A2 B2c2 |d6 :|
g2|fafd fafd|gbge gbge|fafd fafd |cece A2
g2|fafd fafd|gbge gbge|fafd egec |d6 :|

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Aird vol 1

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