Off the Handel --- Ashton's Folly

Aber Geldie. HA.112 -- Birks of Abergeldie,aka. HA.112 -- Devonshire Lass,aka. HA.112Tune list
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A.B.Hornpipe. WM.049
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X number   37
Title   Off the Handel, Ashton's Folly
Area   Lancaster
Composer   Andy Hornby
Copyright   Andy Hornby
Country   England
Notes   Oct 94
Transcriber   Richard Robinson
Body   Gc|\
e2ef ecBc|A2Bc GcBc|F2Bc EcBc|D2dB cBAG|\
e2ef ecBc|d2de dBGc|
AFDd B3c|c6 :|\
c'gef gecd|ecGF EGcG|
AFDd BGgf|edcB AGgb|\
c'gef gecd|ecGF EGcG|AFDd B3c|c6 :|

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