the Windmill Rag

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X number   60
Title   the Windmill Rag
Area   Lancaster
Composer   Andy Hornby
Copyright   Andy Hornby
Country   England
Notes   July '94
Rhythm   Rag
Transcriber   Richard Robinson
Body   d/e>d g>fe>d||\
B2B2 B>A-A>B-|B>de>d g>fe>d|\
c2c2 c>B-B>c-|c4- c>de>d|
f2f2 f>de>d|f>=fe>d- d>de>d|\
g2B2 c2^c2|d>de>d g>fe>d|\
B2B2 B>GA>B-|B>de>d g>fe>d|
c2c2 c>B-B>c-|c4- c>de>d|\
f2f>d e>de>d|f>=fe>d- dde>d|\
g2^A>B G>DE>G-|G>GG>G F>F=F>F||
E2E>^D E2E>D|E>G^D>E- E>=DE>G|\
B2B>^A B>G=A>B-|B4- B>GF>=F|\
E2E>^D E2E>=D|E>G^D>E- E>GB>G|
A2A>^G A2A>G|A>FE>D- D2-D>^D|\
E2E>^D E2E>=D|E>GD>E- E>DE>G|
B2B>^A B>AB>E-|E4- E>EG>E|\
A2A>^G A>Bc>^c|d>eB>G- G>DE>D|\
G2^A>B G>DE>G-|Gz|]

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