The 22nd. Regts. Quick Step.

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23rd Psalm,To the. JMP.0112
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X number   0019
Title   The 22nd. Regts. Quick Step.
Length   1/8
Tempo   1/4=88
Transcriber   Jack Campin * * 2009
Body   E|AcB>A|BA`AE |AcBA |(d/c/``B/A/) G
d|AcBA |BA A(f/g/)|a>fg>e|(d/c/``B/A/) G:|
d|e>fed|eA`Ad |e>fe>g|(d/c/)(B/A/) G
d|e>fed|eA A(f/g/)|afge |(d/c/)(B/A/) G:|

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Aird vol 1

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