A Half-Remembered Polka

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X number   542
Title   A Half-Remembered Polka
Country   England
Rhythm   Polka
Transcriber   Richard Robinson
UploadedFrom   RRtunes.abc
Body   AB|\
c2A2 Ac ef|e2(E2 E2)AB|\
c2A2 Ac ef e2ef|\
g2g2 g2g2|fe dc B4|
|1 f2f2 f2f2|\
ed cd e2 (E2 E2) :|2\
e2 ee fe fg|!FINE!a2(A2 A2)\
e2e2 e3f|e2(G2 G2)Bc|
d2f2 g2fg|e6 (3efg|\
a2a2 a3a|g2(B2 B2)Bc|d2d<d c<(B B2)\
|1 e6 :|2\
A6(E2 E2):|

Created by Richard Robinson on Wed, 29 Aug 2007 14:39:15, last updated Sun, 20 May 2012 12:27:17