the Balmoral Highlanders

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X number   865
Title   the Balmoral Highlanders
Country   Scotland
Rhythm   Pipe march
Transcriber   Richard Robinson
Body   e|\
A>e c<e A>e c<e|e>Af>A e2d>B|\
G>d B<d G>d B<d|G>AB>c d>Be>c|1\
A>e c<e A>e c<e|e>Af>A e2d>c|\
B<dG>B g>fe>d|{d}c2A2 A<A :|2\
A>e c<e A>ec>d|e>Af>A e2d>c|\
B<dG>B g>fe>d|{d}c2A2 A<A::\
c<e{g}a2 c<e{g}a2|c<e{g}a>f e2d>c|\
BBg2 BBg2|BBg2 a>gf>d|\
c<e{g}a2 g>e{g}a2|g>ef>d e2d>c|\
B<dG>B g>fe>d|{d}c2A2 A<A::\
A>AA>c A>AA>c|A>AA>c e2d>B|\
G>GG>B G>GG>B|G>GG>B d>Be>c|\
A>AA<d c<eA>c|e>Af>A e2d>c|\
B<dG>B g>fe>d|{d}c2A2 A<A::\
c<ea>e g>ea>e|c<ea>g f>ed>c|\
B<Bg>B a>Bg2|B<Bg2 a>gf>d|\
c<ea2 g<ea2|g>ef>d e2d>c|\
B<dG>B g>fe>d|{d}c2A2 A<A:|

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