the White Strand --- Amhran na Tra Baine

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X number   35
Title   the White Strand, Amhran na Tra Baine
Country   Ireland
Notes   C whistle
Rhythm   Slow Air
Transcriber   Andy Hornby
Body   M:6/4
c3d ed c4G2| A3G ED G4 CD|\
E3D/[C/E/] C3D| C4 C3c|\
G3D G2 (3ABc| d3c e3e/d/|
c3G AGED| (G4G3)G| \
G3E G2(3ABc| d3c e3e/d/| c3G AGED| (G4 G3)G|
c3d ed c4G2| A3G ED G4CD|\
E2DC C3D| (C4 C3)|]
W:This is also the tune to a song, "the man who invented the submarine" :-
W:In December he was born
W:On the wild washed coast of Clare
W:Not far from the cliffs of Moher
W:That hang so high in the air.
W:The scar there stretches far away
W:From Hag's Head to Rineen
W:But you're glad to hear of the man from Clare
W:That invented the Submarine.
W:For 40 years he taught at home
W:In his dear native land,
W:Til emigrating he sailed away
W:Into a foreign land
W:Patterson, New Jersey. In work he became quite keen
W:It was there that man he formed the plan
W:and they called her the submarine.
W:(spoken) and after a while she became a most dangerous craft
W:and nearly drove the sailors half daft.

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