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Syncopace - The Shipley Set - 1st tune -- Air
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X number   107
Title   Ainhoarrak
Country   Basque
Transcriber   Richard Robinson
Body   d>efg fedc| BcdB G2G>G| G2z2 GBAB| cBAG FGAB| \
A2A>A A2dc| B2BA GABc| d2ec d2z2 | dcde f2d2| \
cBAB c3A| F2z2 GABc| d2G2 FGAB|1 G3A G2z2 :|2 G3A G2de|:\
g2g2 g2g2| c3d c2d>e| =f2f2 fgfe| d3c B2z2| =f2f>d e2e>c| d2d>c B2z2 |\
d2c>B A2F2| G2AB c2c2| BcdB A3B| A2z2 c2de| fedc d2G2| FGAB G3A\
|1 G4 e3f :|2 G4D4 |:\
G2A2 BAGF| GFGA G2z2| dcde f2d2| cBAB c2F2| G2A2 B2AG| FGAB G3A\
|1 G4D4 :|2 G4 B3c|: \
d2d2 dfed| cBcd c2A>B| c2c2 cdcB| A2F2 GABc| d2G2 F2G2| d3e d2dc| B2BA GABc|\
d2e>c d2B>c| d2d2 d>fed| cBcd c2A>B| c2c2 cdcB| A2F2 GABc|\
d2G2 FGAB|1 G3A G2B>c :|2 G3A G2z2 |:\
d2e>f g2d2| BcAB G2A2| | B2G2 c2B2| ABGA B2G2| \
d2e>f g2d2| BcAB G2A2| B2G2 BdcB| AGAB G2z2 |: \
B2B>d c2c>A| B2B2 A2z2| GABc d2g2|1 BcAB G2G>A :|2 fgaf g2z2|:\
g2g>d e2e>c| d2d>B c2c>A| BdBG AcAF|1 G2G>G G2z2 :|2 G2G>G G2G>A||\
B2B>d c2c>A| B2B2 BAGF| G2G>A B2B>d| c2c>A B2B2| BAGF G2z2|\
BdBG AcAF| G2G>G G2G>A| B2B>d c2c>A| B2B2 BAGF| \
G2G>A B2B>d| c2c>A B2B2| BAGF G2g2| defd efga| fgaf g2z2|:\
G2d>d d2e2| =f2e>d c2z2| dcBA G2AB|1 cdcB A2z2 :|2 c2A2 A2z2|:\
B2B>B c2d2| A2z2 G2G>G| ABcA| B2G2| B2B>B c2d2| A2z2 G2A2| BdcB AGAB|\
G2z2 ::\
GBAB G2d2| edcB B2A2| GBAB G2d2| edcB A2z2 ::\
GABc d2d2| d=fed c2z2| GABc d2d2| cdcB A2z2| GABA G2d2| edcB B2A2\
|1 GABc d2A2| FGAB A2z2 :|2 GABc f2g2| f2a2g2z2|]
% the lower notes in the last 1st-time bar are pretty much a guess -
% very indistinct photocopy. Sorry.

Created by Richard Robinson on Wed, 29 Aug 2007 14:21:57, last updated Sun, 20 May 2012 12:30:11