the Beauties of the Ballroom

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Atkins Menagerie (Air from). CJF.129 -- Air from Atkins Menagerie. CJF.129
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X number   11
Title   the Beauties of the Ballroom
Area   Cape Breton
Country   Canada
Discography   Buddy MacMaster
Length   1/8
Rhythm   Jig
Tempo   1/4=126
Transcriber   Richard Robinson
Body   a|: efe ed^c| B^cA DGE| AB=c dBG |1 A3a3:|2 A3 e a2||
|:a2 d' c'ba|gfa g2 d|cBc gfe|dgd B2 G|\
cBc d^cd|ed=c BAG|Bge dBG|1 A3 e a2:|2 A6 ||
|:A,B,G, A,2 B,|E3E2 D|B,A,G, G,2B,|\
D3D2 B,|A,B,G, A,2 B,|A, A2A3|(4GFED (4EFGB,|1 A,6:|2 A,3 A,2a||

Created by Richard Robinson on Wed, 29 Aug 2007 14:25:55, last updated Sun, 20 May 2012 12:30:20