Skeppare Schottische

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X number   71
Title   Skeppare Schottische
Country   Sweden
Notes   "the Skipper". Said to have been made by Thöre Härdelin to mark the occasion of his boat sinking in Stockholm harbour., I've picked this up in sessions around England, and I suspect it's become somewhat folk-processed -, I'm not sure I've ever heard played straight as a schottis.
Rhythm   Schottis
Transcriber   Richard Robinson
Body   D2FA d2BA| d2BA ddBA| D2FA d2BA| ddBA c4| \
c2ef g2fe| ggfe a3g| abaf gecA|1 d3c dBAF :|2 d3c defg|:
a2af dfa2 | abaf dfa2 | f2ed ffed| ffed e3f|\
gage ceA2| gage ceA2| g2fe aafe |1 d3c defg :|2 d8 |]

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