Because he was a bonny Lad

Air in L'Offronde et Terpsichord. RH.376Tune list
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Air in Perseus and Andromeda. BC.11
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X number   122
Title   Because he was a bonny Lad
Bibliography   Aird's Airs and Melodies vol 2
Transcriber   Richard Robinson
Body   d|\
B>AGg (e/f/g/).e/ {e}d{c}B| ce (e/d/)(c/B/) cA Ad|\
B>AGg (e/f/g/)e/ {e}d(c/B/)| c>e (d/e/d/c/) BG G::
("tr"B>AG)B cdec| BG e/d/c/B/ cAAd|\
B>AGB cdef| g/f/e/d/ gB G/G/G Gd|
BGdG eGdG| BG e/d/c/B/ cAAf|\
gefd ecdB| ce (d/e/d/)c/ BG G|]

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Aird vol 2

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