The Elk

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1st Turks March
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X number   15
Title   The Elk
Composer   Andy Hornby 2007
Length   1/8
UploadedFrom   D:\music\ABCs\clare\andy tunes.ABC
Body   G2B3/2G/2|d3/2G/2 B3/2G/2|A3/2D/2 (3FED|c3/2D/2 (3FED|G2B3/2G/2|
d3/2G/2 B3/2G/2|[1c3/2A/2 B3/2G/2|A3/2G/2 (3FEF:|[2A3/2D/2 (3FED|G2-G3/2|
|:G/2|B3/2G/2 (3Bcd|c3/2B/2 A3/2G/2|(3FED A3/2D/2|B3/2D/2 A3/2D/2|
[1G3/2B/2 (3dcB|c3/2B/2 A3/2G/2|A3/2G/2 F3/2E/2|D2-D3/2:|
[2 (3GAB c3/2B/2|A3/2G/2 F3/2E/2|D3/2c/2 A3/2F/2|G2-G3/2|]

Created by Andy Hornby on Tue, 18 Sep 2007 21:17:58, last updated Sun, 20 May 2012 12:31:52