Grace Hay's Delight

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X number   161
Title   Grace Hay's Delight
Bibliography   The Gow Collection (New York 1986)., Vickers vol 1
Country   Scotland
Length   1/8
Notes   in Vickers under the title "the Cream Pot -or- the Kern Staff" (thanks, John Adams), the actual ending in Gow book is (eg bars 5/6 if A part) "e2C Ceg | f2d d2c". I think this version is how I learnt it from Simon Booth (melodeon), or it may be that I've fiddled it to suit the range of my clarinet.
Rhythm   48-bar Jig
Transcriber   Richard Robinson
Body   G2c B2c | dBd efg | G2c B2c | dBG AFD | \
E2G GAG | F2D D2c | BdB cAF | G3 G3 ::
d2g f2g | afd e^cA | fga B^cd | efd ^cBA | \
afa geg | fdf e^cA | Bgf ed^c | d2d d=cB |
c2c cac | B2B BgB | ABA ABc | dBG AFD | \
E2G GAG | F2D D2c | BdB cAF | G3 G3 :|

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