the Bonton

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X number   134
Title   the Bonton
Bibliography   Aird's Airs and Melodies vol 2
Transcriber   Richard Robinson
Body   BcdB G2G2| A2G2A2G2| BcdB G2G2| A2D2 D4|\
BcdB G2G2| g2f2e2d2| c2e2A2c2| d2D2 D4::
d2B2e2d2| c2B2c2A2| c2A2d2c2| B2A2B2G2|\
BcdB G2G2| A2G2A2G2| ABce dcBA| G2G2 G4:|

This tune is included in 1 document :-
Aird vol 2

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