The Herald of Bores

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the 29th of May -- or the King enjoys his own again
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X number   3
Title   The Herald of Bores
Composer   Andy Hornby 1997 (pub Grian music 1999)
Length   1/8
Tempo   1/4=200, 1/4=200
UploadedFrom   D:\music\Andys tunes\andys abcs\
Body   efg f2e2|deB c2A2|Bcd c2A2|[M:8/8]Bcd cde e2|
[M:7/8]efg f2e2|deB c2A2|Bcd c2A2|BAG A4:|
[|[M:6/8]"octave up on repeat "F2D G2E|[M:4/4]F2ED CDED|[M:6/8]F2D G2E|[M:4/4]F2ED FGAB|
[M:6/8]F2D G2E|[M:4/4]F2ED CDED|[M:6/8]F2D G2E|[M:4/4]F2ED EC D2||
[M:4/4]"Bridge "A3c3A2|G3B3G2|A3c3A2|d3c3A2|
A3c3A2|G3B3G2|A3c d2c2-|c4-c2:|

Created by Andy Hornby on Fri, 28 Sep 2007 13:27:04, last updated Sun, 20 May 2012 12:32:33