Polska for Ellie

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March of 4 Dragoons Gards. JBs.055 -- 4th Dragoons Guards March,aka. JBs.055
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X number   5
Title   Polska for Ellie
Composer   Andy Hornby 1995
Length   1/8
Tempo   1/4=140
UploadedFrom   D:\music\Andys tunes\andys abcs\andys.abc
Body   E/2|E3/2A/2 A3/2B/2 c3/2d/2|e4a2|e3/2d/2 c3/2e/2 d3/2c/2|B2-B3/2d/2 c3/2B/2|
E3/2A/2 A3/2B/2 c3/2d/2|e2c2a2|e3/2c/2 E3/2^G/2 B3/2G/2|[1A4-A3/2:|[2A4||
|:e3/2f/2|g2g3/2e/2 a3/2f/2|g2e2 e3/2d/2|c2c3/2B/2 c3/2d/2|
e3/2c/2 A2 e3/2f/2|g2g3/2e/2 a3/2f/2|g2e2 e3/2d/2|c3/2B/2 c3/2e/2 E3/2^G/2|[1A4:|[2A6|]

Created by Andy Hornby on Fri, 28 Sep 2007 13:27:14, last updated Sun, 20 May 2012 12:32:36