Rusty Gully

Aber Geldie. HA.112 -- Birks of Abergeldie,aka. HA.112 -- Devonshire Lass,aka. HA.112Tune list
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A.B.Hornpipe. WM.049
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X number   213
Title   Rusty Gully
Country   England
Notes   cf Punchanello's Hornpipe / Three Rusty Swords,, from John of the Greeny Cheshire Way
Rhythm   Triple Hornpipe
Transcriber   Richard Robinson
Body   GABc d2 G2 B2 G2 | F2 A4 c2 B2 A2 | GABc d2 G2 B2 G2 | D2 G4 B2 A2 G2 ::
g4 f4 ef g2 | f2 d4 f2 e2 d2 | c4 B4 AB c2 | B2 G4 B2 A2 G2 :|

Created by Richard Robinson on Wed, 29 Aug 2007 14:28:48, last updated Sun, 20 May 2012 12:32:43