Abbotts Bromley Horn Dance

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16th of October,The. BF11.22 -- La Belle Catherine,aka. BF11.22 -- Come Dance and Sing,aka. BF11.22
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X number   40
Title   Abbotts Bromley Horn Dance
Country   England
Length   1/8
Notes   Traditional English
Transcriber   Andy Hornby
Body   e|B2e G2e|B2e E2G|FGA GAB|1AGF G2:|2AGF E2|
|e|c2e cde|A2c ABc|FGA GFE|_E=EF B,2g|
e2g efg|c2e cde|dcB AGF|E3E2
|:A|BcB e3|BcB f3|BcB AGF|1G2F G2:|2E3-E2|]

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