Adam uti Paradise

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X number   14
Title   Adam uti Paradise
Composer   Sigurd Fjedstad
Country   Norway
Discography   Anon Egland Heilo HCD 7136
Length   1/8
Notes   Adam uti paradise, Adam uti paradis, slakta og at opp ein halvraten gris., Kjotet detat han opp, pylsone gav han bort, fotane blei ikkje ti nake stort, Adam in paradise slaughtered and ate a half-rotten pig. He ate the, meat and gave away the sausages. The feet never became anything much.
Rhythm   Reinländer
Transcriber   Carol Turner
Body   E2 G>B A>c e2 | E2 G>B A>c e2 | e>d c>e g2 a>g \
|1f>e d<f e4 :|2 f>e d<f e2 (3ef^g ||
a2e2 e>d B>e | c2A2 A>G E>G | A>G A>c e>d B>G \
|1 A>c f<de4 :|2 A>c B<G A4 |]

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