Drops of Brandy

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X number   1
Title   Drops of Brandy
Area   Wyresdale, Lancashire
Bibliography   E and J Winder, 1835-41
Country   England
Length   1/8
Link   Photocopy (75 dpi) Photocopy (300 dpi)
Notes   the staff lines become illegible, note pitches are pretty much guesswork by the end.
Page   116
Transcriber   Richard Robinson
TranscriptionNotes   Some guesswork here owing to imperfect legibility
UploadedFrom   Winder 3 EJW.abc
Body   d2c BGB BGB | d2c BGB cBA | d2c BGB BGB | cBc A2B cBA ::
G2g gdB gdB | G2g gdB cBA | G2g gdB gdB | cBc A2B cBA |]

This tune is included in 1 document :-
3 - E and J Winder, 1835-41

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