When everyone went to Roros

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X number   5
Title   When everyone went to Roros
Composer   Lasse Sorlin
Country   Sweden
Length   1/8
Rhythm   Pols
Source   Lasse Sorlin, YDW 2005
Transcriber   Nicked from carol and tweaked so the midi plays without errors
Body   E2|(3A2A2c2 B>G| (3:2:4B2AAF2 (D2|D)>E (3FDF E>G|B<c A>c (3BGB |
(3A2 A2 c2 B>G| (3:2:4B2AAF2 (D2|D)>E (3FDF E>G|B<c A4|:
(3ABc df f2|e>d (3Bcd c>B |(3ABc d<F F>A|
(3GAB (3ABc (3BGB| (3ABc df f2|e>d (3Bcd c>B|
(3ABc d<F F>A|(3GAB A4:||

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