Upon a Summers Day --- The Garland

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X number   1
Title   Upon a Summers Day, The Garland
Length   1/8
Rhythm   Jig
Tempo   116
UploadedFrom   Playford.abc
Words   Souldier:, My dearest deare adue, since that I needs must goe, my, fortunes to pursue against some Forraine Foe, Being that it is so, I, pray thee patient be, and doe no kilt thy Coat, to goe along with, me, Pegge:, Alas my dearest heart, if that thou leave me, here, Death kills me with his dart, as plainly may appear, For, sorrow griefe and smart will quickly make me dye, Therefore lie kilt, my Coat, and goe along with thee, --Pepys, Ballads, I,296
Body   d|d2d B2G|d3-d2 e/f/|g2f g2a|b3-b2 B|B2B A2G|f3 g3|a2B A2G|G3-G2||
a|a2a f2d|a3-a2 f|g2f g2a|b3-b2 B|B2B A2G|f3 g3|a2B A2G|G3-G2||

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