The Begger Boy

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X number   5
Title   The Begger Boy
History   The tune name may derive from the song "The Begger Boy of the North", (c. 1630)
Length   1/8
Notes   This tune is in the rare Phrygian mode--suggested chords are given
Rhythm   Jig
Tempo   90
Words   From ancient pedigree, by due descent, I well can derive my, generation, Throughout all Christendome, and also Kent, My calling, is known both in terme and vacation, My parents old taught me to be, bold, Ile never be daunted, whatever is spoken, Where e're I come,, my custome I hold, And cry, Good your worship, bestow one, token!, --Roxburghe Ballads
Body   "Am"AAA "Dm"f2f|"Am"ec2 "Bb"d2c|"Dm"AF2 "C"G2G|"F"A2B"Am" cA2|
"Am"AAA "Dm"f2f|"Am"ec2 "Bb"d2c|"Dm"AF2 "Gm"G2G|"Dm"A2B "Am"cA2||
"F"AAA f2f|"C"ec2 "Bb"d2c|"F"Ac2 "C"ede|"F"fA2 "C"G3|
"F"Acc "C"e>dc|"Bb"dfg/2f/2 efd|"F"cAF "Gm"G2G|"Dm"A2B "Am"cA2||

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