Mage on a Cree

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Quick March. JGi.019 -- ?
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X number   20
Title   Mage on a Cree
History   The dance is a progressive round, one of the earliest types found in, TDM. No one has been able to explain the meaning of the title, and, from the entries in old books, it seems it was not clear then. It may, have been Irish. When the title was first used for a ballad in 1633,, the tune name was "Magina-cree".
Length   1/8
Rhythm   Jig
Tempo   120
Body   G> cd/2e/2 f2c|A2F c2A|B>cd d>cd|B>AG d2G|G> cd/2e/2 f2c|A2F c2A
|B>cd e>fg|^f>ef g2G||

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