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Quick March. JGi.019 -- ?
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X number   29
Title   Nonesuch
History   Nonesuch was built in 1538 by Henry VIII over the demolished property, of the village of Cuddington, near Epsom Wells in Sussex, to be the, most ostentatious hunting lodge ever made. At the very end of her, life, Elizabeth I visited Nonesuch, as a guest of Lord Lumley,, son-in-law of the Earl of Arundel, and it was reported that "there is, much dancing of country dances in the privy chamber at Nonesuch, before, the Queen's majesty, who is exceedingly pleased therewith".
Length   1/8
Notes   Almost the same as "A la Mode de France"
Tempo   120
Body   a|afga|f e/2f/2 da|afga|f2 fa|afga|f e/2f/2 da|afga|f2 de||
ecde|f e/2f/2 de|ecde|f2 de|ecde|f e/2f/2 de|ecde|f2 d||

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