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X number   30
Title   Daphne
History   An early 17th century song retells Ovid's myth of the pursuit of, Daphne, who was turned into a laurel tree to prevent violation by, Apollo. Bernini's spectacular sculpture of the moment of Daphne's, transformation had been created in Tome in 1622-24, the subject being, popular in baroque art. Apollo was also known as Phoebus.
Length   1/8
Rhythm   Jig
Tempo   100
UploadedFrom   Playford.abc
Words   When Daphne from fair Phoebus did fly, The west wind most sweetly did, blow in her face, Her silken scarf scarce shadowed her eyes, The, God cried, O pity! and held her in chace, Stay, Nymph, stay, Nymph,, cries Apollo, tarry and turn thee, Sweet Nymph, stay, Lion nor Tiger, doth thee follow, turn thy fair eyes, and look this way, O turn, O, pretty sweet, and let our red lips meet, O pity me, Daphne, pity me,, &c., --Chappell
Body   D|:F2G A2d|c>de d2 A/2B/2|cAF GEC|1 DFE D2D:|2 DFE D3||
f2f e2e|d>ed cA2|c>BA G2F|FE2 F3|
ccd cAF|cd/2e/2f gec|A>GF E2D|ddc dAA|c>BA GDF|E>FE D3||

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