Broome --- The bonny bonny Broome

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X number   75
Title   Broome, The bonny bonny Broome
History   The tune "The Broom of Cowdenknows" was listed in 1632 with a ballad, entitled:, The lovely northern lasse, who in the ditty here, complaining shews what harme she got milking her Daddies, ewes., Cowdenknows was a Scottish estate and barony on the east bank, of the river Leander, 32 miles SE of Edinburgh, close to the English, border. The broom, a shrub which blooms with spikes of small golden, flowers, once grew plentifully of its hillsides but was stripped away, for turnip farming in the 19th century.
Length   1/8
Tempo   200
Body   d3e d3e|dcBA G4|g2 ga bagf|e6 f2|g3a b2 ab|g2 GA B2 AG|A2A2 e3c|A8||

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