ABC Notation Monster Tune, The --- Alternate Titles in the Header Appear Here. --- In the Manner of Kesh Jig (Embedded title - new Staff Line)

Abbott's Hornpipe. JBu.07Tune list
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Aber Geldie. HA.112 -- Birks of Abergeldie,aka. HA.112 -- Devonshire Lass,aka. HA.112
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X number   6
Title   ABC Notation Monster Tune, The, Alternate Titles in the Header Appear Here., In the Manner of Kesh Jig (Embedded title - new Staff Line)
Area   Wisconsin
Composer   Composer Name (C:)
Country   USA
Discography   Play several tunes in any order, using the Select Tunes window. The, play program can run by itself with command line parameters or, selections from a menu. You can use it as a practice tutor. If you, enter a tempo above, Play will use that. Double-click on the music, window, to play the tune skipping repeats.
History   This sample tune demonstrates a range of functions in ABC2Win. New, features include: slurs, new chord and slur notation, words in the
Length   1/8
Notes   Double click on any blue box to expand the view. Each box can hold, about 600 characters. Word wrap is automatic. These comments are, written to the tune file as multiple lines with the appropriate prefix, (H:, W:, etc.) Each line will be 72 or fewer characters long. Double, click to close the box.
Rhythm   Rhythm (R:)
Source   Source of Tune (S:)
Tempo   200
Transcriber   Features include the paste button which will parse an ABC tune copied, from the clipboard. Select some or all of the abc notation in the box, below, open another tune or a new tune and paste. You can also lauch, this program from the command line with a file name following the, program name.
Words   Words appearing within the tune (W: lines)
Body   "Scale Sample"C,D,E,F,G,A,B,|(CDEFGAB)|cdefgab|"Extended"(c'd'e'f'g'a'b'c'')
%Create new lines among the abc's with Shift-Enter.
|"Dbl Flat bb, Sharp ^^"__A3Bc3A c3^^BA3G|"Broken Rhythms > <" \
A>BA>c c3B1A6G2 F12G4|"###"A<c c>BA<GA>B*|]
"Thick or thick/thin bar ends"A>>c c<<B[| |A>>>c c<<<B|"Staccato .".D4.E4 .F4.G4| \
"New Key"\
K:Emin %Key change within the tune
A8A6G12|"Rests z"z8 z4 z2|
Q:135 %Set a new tempo in preparation for meter change
"Meter Change"
M:6/8 %Meter change within the tune.
A/2A/4A/8A/ | "Roll ~"~G3 BAG|1{g}bag gab|"Quadruplet"(4ABcd +G2d2+:|2
"Grace Notes"{dcB}(3{a}g{a}f{a}e (3(gze) (3(zge) (3(gez) g| \
|"Chords [ ]"[EA][FA] [EF]|{a}[de]{b}[de]|[egb][dfb]|"Am G"ABcd|"Ties ( )"A2-A2-|A4 G2|||
"Slur + ties"e (A-|A4|Bc)d|| \
"K:Bb minor"GA_G "G" G__AB| \
K:G Ionian
"K:G"ABA ABd|"D"edd "Fmin7"gdB
W:Are printed beneath the current staff.
|1AG_E ~G2 D:|2AGF ~[^D3G3] AA:|3A3Bc3A c3BA3G:|4D4E4 F4G4|adae| \
L:1/16 % change the default note length on the fly.
% Output from ABC2Win Version 2.1 d on 3/28/97

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