An dro

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the 16th of October
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X number   71
Title   An dro
Country   Finland
Length   1/8
Rhythm   An Dro
Source   Jean-Michel Veillon
Tempo   70
UploadedFrom   FRENCH.ABC
Body   BB/c/ BB/G/|AA/G/ F/G/F/E/|BB/c/ BB/G/|1AG/A/ FE :|2 AG/A/ F>G|
|:EF/G/ AA/B/|AG/A/ B/c/B/G/|EF/G/ AB/A/|GE/A/ A/G/F/A/|
EF/G/ AA/B/|AG/A/ B/c/B/G/|EF/G/ AB/A/|G/E/F/D/ EE:|

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B flat Breton
Neil Brook French Collection

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