The Duellists

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Quick March. JGi.019 -- ?
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X number   2
Title   The Duellists
Bibliography   "Here's one we made earlier" MADE 1997 tune book
Composer   Nigel Eaton
Length   1/16
Rhythm   Schottische
Body   "D"A2A^G ABG2|"Dmaj7"A^GAB F4|"E"A^GAB FBAG|"Gmaj7"E2E2 F4|
"F#m7"A2A^G ABAB|"Am7"=c2BA "D"F4|"E7"FA^G2 E=GF2|"G"D8:|
|:"D"d2dc dec2|dcde A2ce|"A"cBA2 FA^G2|EGF2 E4|
"Bm7"d2dc dede|f2ed A4|"E7"FA^G2 E=GF2|"G/A(G)"D8:|

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