Bourrée Tournante des Grandes Poteries

Abschied vom Städtchen (Marsch) CF (mr07100) -- Hanny Christen. Bd.V Basel II, Jura. S.52f (mr07100) orig. C,FTune list
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the Ace and deuce of pipering
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X number   17
Title   Bourrée Tournante des Grandes Poteries
Area   Massif Central
Country   France
Length   1/8
Rhythm   Bourree
Tempo   200
Body   e/f/|:geg |g/e/ce/f/|geg|g2 d/e/|fdd|d2 c/d/|ecc|1 c2 e/f/:|2 cBA|
|:G2A|G2A|Gcd|e3|dcd|cBA|1 GAG|e2c:|2 Ged|c2|]

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