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Quick March. JGi.019 -- ?
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X number   2
Title   Flatworld
Composer   Andy Cutting
Discography   Vanilla, Blowzabella
Length   1/8
UploadedFrom   cam-french.abc
Body   %F:http://members.yline.com/~zeiler1/abc/czfranz.abc 2003-08-13 12:02:58 UT
e de|ce Be Ac|F2AB cA|f2 fe dc|B3 e de|\
ce Be Ac|F2 fe dc|BA Bd cB|A3:|
z2E|:AB cA ag|f2 fe dc|Bc dB gf|e2 ed cB|AB cA fe|\
d2 dc BA|1 B2 Bd ^cd|B2 BB cB:|2 B2 Bd cB|A6|]

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