Polka du Père Plumet --- The 48 Bar Polka

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4 Schritt-Polka C (pk00929a)
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X number   1
Title   Polka du Père Plumet, The 48 Bar Polka
Composer   Trad
Length   1/8
Source   Blowzabella
Tempo   240
UploadedFrom   cam-french.abc
Body   % F:http://www.inference.phy.cam.ac.uk/dasher/download/training/training_abc_XX.txt 2005-10-27 15:14:13 UT
Bc|d2 g2 f2 e2|dedc B2 AB|c2 A2 A2 GA|BcBA GBc^c|\
d2 g2 f2 e2|dedc B2 AB|c2 A2 f2 ef| [1a2 g2 g2:| [2a2 g2 g4||
|:d2 d2 BdBd|g2 f2 e2 d2|c2 c2 AcAc|e2 _e2 d4|\
d2 d2 BdBd|g2 fg a2 ab|agfe dcBA|G2 Bd g4:|
|:c2 Gc e4|e2 ce g4|gage =f2 d2|d=fed e2 c2|\
c2 Gc e4|e2 ce g4|gage =f2 ed| [1c2 e2 c4:| [2c2 e2 c2|]

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