Branle de L'Officiel --- Officials Branle

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Adam-und-Eva-Walzer C (wz00740)
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X number   151
Title   Branle de L'Officiel, Officials Branle
Length   1/4
Notes   A circle for as many couples as will, woman on the man's right., A1,A2: double to the left, double to the right, B1,B2: 6 singles to the left, man lifts partner from RH side to LH side
Source   "Orchesography", Arbeau
Body   P:A
"C"cc "F"d/c/B/A/ | "G"G3G | "F"Ac"G"cB | "C"c2c2 :|
"C"g>f e/f/g/e/ | "G"f>e d/e/f/d/ | "Am"e>d c/d/e/c/ | "E"d>c B/c/d/B/ |
"F"c>B A/B/c/A/ | "G"B>A "C"GG | "F"Ac "G"cB | "C"c2c2 :|
T:Harmony part
ee f/e/d/c/ | B/c/B/A/ GG | FA GA/B/ | c/d/c/B/ c2:|
e>d c/d/e/c/ | d>c B/c/d/B/ | c>B A/B/c/A/ | B>A ^G/A/B/G/ |
A>=G F/G/A/F/ | G/A/G/F/ EE | F/G/A GF | E2 E2:|

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