Circus waltz

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Air Allegro. TLY.029
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X number   13
Title   Circus waltz
Composer   Swedish (Trio UGB)
Length   1/8
Tempo   1/4=170
UploadedFrom   C:\Documents and Settings\Jude\Desktop\waltz.ABC
Body   d2dd dd|d2^cd ed|c2B3d|G2F2E2|
D2F2A2|d2c2A2|B3c BA|G2B zc z||
d2dd dd|d2^cd ed|c2B3d|G2F2E2|
D2F2A2|d2F2A2|G3A GF|G4:|
|:B2|e3f g2|g2f2e2|e2^d3f|B3c Bc|
B3c Bc|B3c Bc|BA GA Bc|
[1B4B2|e3f g2|g2f2e2|e2^d3f|
B3G FG|F3G FG|F2d2_B2|^c6|B4:|
[2B4e2|e3=f ef|e3d cd|e3d ef|
e2c2A2|G3A GA|^F3G FG|E6|E4"^rpt A part"
|:d2|e2ee ee|f2ff ff|g2g2a2|b2a2g2|
e2ee ee|f2ff ff|g2g3a|b2a2g2|
g2f3a|d2F2A2|G3A GF|G4:|

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