Catherine Hahirs

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X number   17
Title   Catherine Hahirs
Country   Ireland
Length   1/8
UploadedFrom   Ceilidh tunes 4
Body   A|dcd e2d|c2E EFG|B2B BAG|F2D DFA|
dcd e2d|c2E EFG|ABA GFE|D3 D2::
A|F2A d2d|c2B G3|ABA GFE|B2A F2A|
DFA d2d|c2B G2F|EFG ABc|d3 d2::
A|Add d2e|f2dA3|fgf fed|c2d ecA|
Add d2e|f2dA2F|EFG ABc|d3 d2::
f|a2f f2d|Adf agf|g2e e2c|Ace gfe|
a2f f2d|Adfagf|gec ABc|d3 d2:|

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