Albina. --- Albinia.

the 29th of May -- or the King enjoys his own againTune list
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2d. Quick Step 30th. Regt.
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X number   0062
Title   Albina., Albinia.
Length   1/8
Notes   second title is as in the index
Tempo   3/8=120
Transcriber   Jack Campin * * 2009
Body   d2e fgf|edc d2A|d2e fgf|edc d3:|
dcd B3 |e2d cBA|dcd B3 |edc d3:|
a2f a2f|efg fed|a2f a2f|edc d3:|
B2d A2d|efg fed|B2d A2d|edc d3:|

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Aird vol 1

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