Banks of the Dee (Fieldtown)

1 Mazurka FBb (mz06822) -- Hanny Christen. Bd.V Basel II, Jura. S.17 (mz06822) orig. F,BbTune list
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1st Ps. WHG.067
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X number   6
Title   Banks of the Dee (Fieldtown)
Area   Fieldtown
Length   1/8
Body   P:A
|: DEF GAB| ced cBA| BGE Ddc| BcA G3:|
|: Bcd d2g| ede dBG| Bcd efg| GAG FED|
cec BdB| GFG AFD| GFE Ddc| BcA G3:|
[M:4/4]|: B2 c2 d4| d4 g4 | e2 d2 e4 | d2 B2 G4 | B2 c2 d4 | e2 f2 g4 | G2 A2 G4 |[M:2/4]F2 E2 |
[M:3/8]"R.O.T." D2 B |[M:6/8]cec BdB | GFG AFD | GFE Ddc BcA G3 :|

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Woodchurch Morris Tune Book

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