Blue-Eyed Stranger (Headington)

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Capt. Reeds. JJo.080 -- 3rd Regt of the Guards March,The,aka. JJo.088
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X number   39
Title   Blue-Eyed Stranger (Headington)
Area   Headington
Length   1/8
Tempo   1/4=170
Body   P:A
|:GF|G2 D2 D2 GF | EDEF G2 GA | Bcd2 cBAG | E2 F2 G2 :|
|: z2 | GABc d2 d2| edcB A2A2 | GABc d2 d2 |B4 d4|
GABc d2 d2|edcB A3 z | B2 d2 cBAG | E2 EF G2 :|

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Woodchurch Morris Tune Book

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