Aber Geldie. HA.112 --- Birks of Abergeldie,aka. HA.112 --- Devonshire Lass,aka. HA.112

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Aberlour's Squeeze, a Strathspey
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X number   113
Title   Aber Geldie. HA.112, Birks of Abergeldie,aka. HA.112, Devonshire Lass,aka. HA.112
Area   Hartburn,Northumberland
Bibliography   Village Music project, Atkinson, Henry
Country   England
History   1/8
Length   1/8
Mirrorred-From   http://www.village-music-project.org.uk/abc/atkinson.abc
Notes   Aka, Scotch Ayr. cf Playford eds 12-18(1703-28). also as Birks of ..in, Walsh CD 2 1735..CGP
Source   Henry Atkinson's original MS,Hartburn,N'umberland,1694.
Tempo   1/2=100
Transcriber   vmp.Chris Partington.Jan.2004
Body   F3G A2c2|"^-"f4"^="e2d2|"^-"f4"^="e2d2|efga g2a2|!
F3G A2c2|f2g2 a2g2|f2d2c2(BA)|G4d4:|!
F3G A2f2|c2F2 A2f2|c2F2 A2f2|dcBA G2A2|!
F3G A2f2|c2F2 A2fg|agfd fdcA|G4 d4||!
FEFG AGAB|cAcd cdfg|agfd fdcA|G4d4|]

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Atkinson, Henry

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