Dumfries Bowling Green. JBa.11

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X number   11
Title   Dumfries Bowling Green. JBa.11
Area   Carlisle
Bibliography   Village Music project, Barnes, Joseph
Country   England
History   See comments elsewhere regarding this tune..
Length   1/8
Mirrorred-From   http://www.village-music-project.org.uk/abc/barnes j.abc
Notes   See No. 55 No key signature. Page very blotted. Possibly edge of, page missing - no bar line at end. Above the tune, after the first, double bar with repeats, it is possible that the figure 3 is, written, followed by several illegible words including poss"....Mr, Barnes ' piping...." A figure two is written over the tune after the, next double bar, and 'end' after the final double bar. ..CGr
Rhythm   .jig
Source   Joseph Barnes MS,Carlisle,1762.
Tempo   3/8=120
Transcriber   vmp.C.Graebe.
Body   "_No Key sig. in MS""'1st.'"
g2|e/c/e c2 c | (B/c/d/B) c2g | edB c2c | ecA A2g |!
ed/e c2c | (B/c/dB) B2 e | d2B2G2c2A | dBG G3:|!
|:"'3rd.' '......Mr Barnes' piping.. etc..' (illegible)"cGE cGE |\
BGEc2 e | cGE cGE cGE |!
dDDD B | cGE cGE | cGE c2e | dGE c2 A | dBG G2 :|!
|:"2nd"B2 | c2 (gfege) gec | (e/f/ge) c2g | (e/f/ge) acA A2 B |!
B2g (e/f/ge) | agf efg | edc B2 A | dBG G2 ||!
"^Edited Version.CGr."|:g|\
e>ce c2 c | (B/c/dB) c2g | edB c2c | ecA A2g |!
e>de c2c | (B/c/dB) B2 e |dBG c2A | dBG G2:|!
|:d|cGE cGE | BGE c2 e | cGE cGE | dDD D2B |!
cGE cGE | cGE c2e | dGE c2 A | dBG G2 :|!
|:B | c2 g/f/ ege | gec (e/f/ge) | c2g (e/f/ge) | acA A2 B |!
c2g (e/f/ge) | agf efg | edc B2 A | dBG G2 :|

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Barnes, Joseph

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