Unidentified Fragments. JBa.37

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X number   38
Title   Unidentified Fragments. JBa.37
Area   England
Bibliography   Village Music project, Barnes, Joseph
Country   Carlisle
Length   1/4
Mirrorred-From   http://www.village-music-project.org.uk/abc/barnes j.abc
Notes   This is the last line of the page with Dukes Reel at the top.It is in a, different writing to the other 3 tunes.It has no clef, key or time, signature or bar at endAnd, other than clef, key, time signatures and, double bar added because the program requires them, is as it appears.2-, the number is written above the note, which could be either F or G,, but this probably refers to a 2nd-finger G..Frag2 This is the last line, of the page with Jacks Lattin at the top.As above re writing which, appears to match the above fragment. This has a clef but nothing else., See notes above re addenda.CGr..
Rhythm   .Misc.
Source   Joseph Barnes MS,Carlisle,1762.
Tempo   100
Transcriber   vmp.C.Graebe.
Body   " Fragment 1 - See note."DGGGA B/c/ (c/d/)\
c/B/ A3/2 B/ c/e/ A (B/c/) d c/ B/G/ F/ G3/2 |!
GGgf "2" gab a/g/f/ e f g b e (f/g/)ag f dcd |\
(A/B/c/) ddg|| !
" Fragment 2 - see note"ABc ((2c/B/A/) G (G/F/) (D/E/F/)\
G A/B/c/ (c/d/)G G A/B/c/ d g ((2cBA) G |]

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Barnes, Joseph

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