More for Beauty than(?) Gear. JBa.45

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X number   46
Title   More for Beauty than(?) Gear. JBa.45
Area   Carlisle
Bibliography   Village Music project, Barnes, Joseph
Country   England
History   See Paul's notes.
Length   1/8
Notes   I don't know what key signature to choose It seems to vary between 5/4, and 7/4. Or so. 1 - written over this bar is"note down" and the bar is, written a note above the transcription, so it has been written a note, down..CGr...I,ve had a go at this, but beware that it is only my, guess..CGP.
Rhythm   .Country-dance
Source   Joseph Barnes MS,Carlisle,1762.
Tempo   1/4=120
Transcriber   vmp.C.Graebe.
Body   "_No time/key sig,see note"
d2 (3(fga) f2d2 (fg)(af) | d2 (fga) e2c2 (ef)(ge) |!
d2 (fga) f2d2 (fg)(af) | g2 (ag)f2 (gf) | "1"ec (ef)(ge)||!
fd Ad fd (fg)(af) | fd Ad ec (ef)(ge) |!
fd Ad fd (fg)(af) |g2 (ag) f2 (2(af) e2c2 (ef)(ge) ||!
d2 a2 (fg)(af) ad (fg)(af) |d2 a2 (fg)(af) ec (ef)(ge) | !
d2 a2 fgaf ad (fg)(af) | g2 (ag) f2 (gf) ec efge ||!
"^Suggested interptetation-CGP"
d2 (f/g/a) fd (f/g/)(a/f/) | d2 (f/g/a) ec (e/f/)(g/e/) |!
d2 (f/g/a) fd (f/g/)(a/f/) | g(a/g/) f(g/f/) ec (e/f/)(g/e/)||!
fd Ad fd (f/g/)(a/f/) | fd Ad ec (e/f/)(g/e/) |!
fd Ad fd (f/g/)(a/f/) |g(a/g/) f(a/f/) ec (e/f/)(g/e/) ||!
da (f/g/)(a/f/) ad (f/g/)(a/f/)|da (f/g/)(a/f/) ec (e/f/)(g/e/)|!
da (f/g/)(a/f/) ad (f/g/)(a/f/) | g(a/g/) f(g/f/) ec (e/f/)(g/e/) |]

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Barnes, Joseph

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