Major,Ye. JBa.48 --- Moincoin Jig,aka. JBa.48

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X number   49
Title   Major,Ye. JBa.48, Moincoin Jig,aka. JBa.48
Area   Carlisle
Bibliography   Village Music project, Barnes, Joseph
Country   England
History   See Paul's Notes..
Length   1/8
Notes   This is the first half of each line of the Moincoin Jig(Not necessarily, implying that it was the Mooncoin Jig first,of course) Or just what a, working musician uses to remind him/her of how the tune goes.(On this, basis I have added a complete set of repeat marks to stop it playing, right through..CGP) Key, signature given as 3 sharps, but two of them are F's. I think the, squiggle over the F in the 3rd bar is the shake sign. I'm not sure., "1" Bar line added..CGr....CGP
Rhythm   .Jig
Source   Joseph Barnes MS,Carlisle,1762.
Tempo   3/8=120
Transcriber   vmp.C.Graebe.
Body   "_See note"c2A AcA "1" | AcA Bcd | c2A AcA "1" | dBG Bcd :|!
|:"2nd" cde efg | ("sh"f2e) fga | cde e(fg) "1" | f2d (Bc)d :|!
|:"3rd" c(BA) g3 | (ec)A Bcd | cBA g3 | dBG Bcd :|!
|:"4th" e2Ac2A | e2A Bcd | e2Ac2A | dBG Bc" End"d :|

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Barnes, Joseph

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