I.m.w.t.Fiddle Says JBa.76

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X number   77
Title   I.m.w.t.Fiddle Says JBa.76
Area   Carlisle
Bibliography   Village Music project, Barnes, Joseph
Composer   "I am what the Fiddle says"(?)
Country   England
History   PR- pipe compatible
Length   1/8
Mirrorred-From   http://www.village-music-project.org.uk/abc/barnes j.abc
Notes   The title, if that is what it is, is written on the stave at the end, of, the tune. 2 - not marked as triplets..CGr. Paul suggests that this is, early text messaging for I Am.. etc as per S.W.A.L.K.
Rhythm   .Country-dance
Source   Joseph Barnes MS,Carlisle,1762.
Tempo   1/2=80
Transcriber   vmp.C.Graebe.
Body   "_time signature given as 6/8.See note re triplets"
e>fe>g f>af>a | e>fe>f (dA) d2 | e>fe>g f>af>a |\
dedc BG B2 :|!
|:(3(Bcd) e2 (3(dcB) a2 | (3(Bcd) ed BG B2 |\
(3(Bcd) e2 (3(dcB) g2 |(3(Bcd) d2 BG B2 :|

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Barnes, Joseph

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